My name is Alyson Warren and I am the creator and owner of Naturally Loved Baby. Having a baby is a life altering experience and in some cases a career changing experience. As I like to say often, in my former life I was a grade school art teacher working for Denver Public Schools. Then this miraculous creature came into my life…Ahahah. Eva Elyce was my inspiration for Naturally Loved. My husband, Jim, and I knew from the start that we were going to take a natural approach to raising our new bundle of joy. But what exactly would that entail...cloth diapering and nursing? I began to research how much actual waste a baby can put out into this world just in the first year of its life. I began to quickly see how fast my own daughter was going through diapers, clothes and toys. I began to see the importance in teaching her how to reuse, recycle, and renew so that this planet can be just as beautiful for her children.

Naturally Loved Baby was created as an outlet, a source of inspiration and community for mothers all around the Denver area. After having Eva, I knew how much it meant to me to be a part of a group of mommies; we called ourselves the Yoga Mommas. We would organize a “play date” for our one month olds and talk about how little sleep we were getting. Everyone contributed to the occasion whether it was through advice, the snacks they brought along, or the warm embraces given to one another. This was my support system. Like many young mothers in the Denver area, my family does not live here and these ladies and their children along with their hubby's became our family. That community vibe has been my intention and focus for the last year of my business model for Naturally Loved Baby.

I wanted to sell good quality products that generations of babies could use and reuse, whether its clothes, toys or diapers. I wanted to bring my former life of teaching back into a classroom where I could help and show mothers how to use the resources in our own homes for a natural and holistic approach to raising our children. And most importantly I wanted to help form bonds between mothers in a community whom naturally love their children.